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Cocinita El Rey live culture hot sauces are made using fresh Willamette Valley chiles and sea salt only. The rich and singular flavors are the result of a long, slow spontaneous fermentation- not filtered and never pasteurized, our hot sauces are a raw probiotic food.










The Original

No. 6

#6 is made with sweet red peppers and bright habanero chiles. The heat level is medium plus, the flavor is deeply satisfying.


sweet red chiles,
habanero chiles, salt

Spicy Delicious

No. 9

#9 is made with sweet yellow bells and hot golden ghost chiles. It’s about an 8 to 9 on the heat scale, with a tropical flavor and aroma.


Sweet yellow chiles,
golden ghost chiles, salt










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Cocinita El Rey is available at the following fine locations:

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About Cocinita El Rey

Cocinita El Rey grew out of one person’s lust for ripe chiles in the cold winter months. I’d been making sauerkraut that served as a fresh vegetable for weeknight dinners for years―raw, crunchy and delicious. Why not try chiles? Using only salt, chiles, and an abundance of patience, Cocinita El Rey was born. Start me up.

Our sauces are the result of spontaneous fermentation with no added starter cultures. By creating an environment that nurtures friendly bacteria (coarsely chopped chiles, just enough salt), we can step aside and let nature take over.

Bill Jones

Introducing my mom, Leah Rae. The original El Rey.

Our Chiles

Our chiles are grown by Deep Roots Farm in the beautiful Willamette Valley. The soil in the heart of the valley is among the world’s finest, and with the skill and care of the bitchin’ Deep Roots farmers, produces sublime chiles; sweet, hot and in beautiful colors.

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